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Ink Heart was started by Sahitya Sharma, an avid artist who learnt and
honed his skills in tattoo making at India's Ink Capital in heart of Goa.

Being an artist at heart he brings out the best from Traditional, Modern as well as Hybrid designs. He has created a cult following in Jaipur now with his unique designs and finesse. With 4+ years of Tattooing, he also helps clients in customizing the designs and helps freshers to learn details of Tattooing in order to improve their work through Tattoo Training Courses.

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Best Tattoo Studio in jaipur

300 Spartan Realistic Tattoo

aeroplane tattoo

Aeroplane Tattoo

anchor watercolor tattoo

Anchor Watercolor Tattoos

angel tattoo designs

Angel Tattoo Designs

ballerina tattoo

Ballerina Tattoo

elephant tattoo ..

Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo

Elephant Tattoo

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Ganesh Tattoo

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Girly Angel

heart with flower

Heart With Flower

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Mother Mary with Rose Realistic Tattoo

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Red indian girl tattoo

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Shiva Realisic Tattoo

Tattoo artist in ajmer

Tattoo School


Tattoo School

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Why Choose Ink Heart –
The Best Tattoo Studio in Jaipur

Wondering about aimlessly on where to get yourself that tattoo design you have been trying to picture in your head for the longest time? Come across an extremely intriguing and unique design somewhere off the internet and feeling tempted to permanently get inked with it?


  • Neha Shah
    First thing you experience when you enter Ink Heart is vibrancy! Jovial souls around you, smiling faces. Ink Heart is creativity at peak , you just have to walk-in with a concept in mind, they will design a tattoo for you. Walk-in in at Ink Heart and experience it yourself . The Best Tattoo Studio In Jaipur Rajasthan.
    Neha Shah
  • Jeremy
    I wanted to get something that will remind me of the mesmerizing time I had in Jaipur. I didn’t feel like a tourist at Ink Heart Tattooz! They understood what I had in my mind and carved it perfectly on my skin. Thank you, guys!
  • Brayden
    Ink Heart Tattooz is hands down the best tattoo studio in Jaipur Rajasthan. I got tattooed by Abhi . It was my first tattoo and Abhi made me feel so comfortable that I am already ready to get another tattoo. The ambience at their new tattoo lounge is very vibrant and relaxing. I had an amazing time!!
  • Marco
    I love getting tattoos from every part of the world; they reflect the memories and experience I have of a place. When in Jaipur, I chose the Ink Heart Tattooz Lounge to get inked. Everyone was so welcoming and loving. I got an Heart Tattoo inked on my back by the artist Parth. It was a fun place to be! Definitely the best tattoo studio in Jaipur..!

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Best Tattoo Studio In Jaipur

Best Tattoo Studio In Jaipur, Ink Heart Tatto Studio is the first and best tattoo studio in Jaipur the history of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our establishment provides its customers with a beautiful, clean and sterile environment that keeps up to date with all state requirements. We take pride in our professionalism, ethics, and quality in the art of tattooing, piercing and body modification. So Get Best Tattoo in Jaipur. Tattoo Designer, Tatto School, Tatto Removal

Every client that walks in our shop for Tattoo in Jaipur stands equally important to us. Regardless of on the off chance that you are a tattoo virgin or a tattoo gatherer, you will without a doubt leave the studio with the sign of genuine workmanship.
We know the art of intricate inking and proudly showcase several designs and styles. Traverse through a large collection of arty black and grey and colorful tattoos that just look so fascinating and irresistible. At Ink Heart which is the best tattoo shop in Jaipur, the art of detailed inking is practiced in the most uncomplicated and painless manner, turning your tattoo journey into a delightful one.

Best Tattoo Studio In Jaipur

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