Ink Heart

We provide variety of Services to our clients related to Tattoo making.

Permanent Tattoo

Get Inked for Life. Get a tattoo that suits your personality.

Temporar -Tattoo

Undecided yet? Get a temporary color based tattoo for that rocking Party.

Cover Up/Modifications

Unhappy with your design? Cover up or Modify the existing tattoo with a new design.

Tattoo Ink and Needles

Upcoming Tattoo artist? Get quality Tattoo Ink and Safety Needles from us.


Black and Grey Tattoos

Used for portraits or for achieving a very realistic effect in the tattoo. The shading effect makes the tattoo very appealing and attractive.

Calligraphic Tattoos

Calligraphy tattoos can be worn on almost any part of the body. They are mostly made on the back of the neck, arms, forearms, stomach, chest, back, and many other places.

Customized Tattoos

Don't wish to go with the set norm? Create your own customized tattoo design in consultation with our artists and get Inked with a totally unique design.

Girly Tattoos

As the name suggests, this kind of tattoo is famous among the females majorly. The tattoos usually include many creatures like butterflies, flowers, angels etc all together in this one art form.


Religious Tattoos

Is 'OM' your mantra or Gayatri Mantra is what keeps you going choose from wide variety of Religious Tattoo symbols and customize to your liking.

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Signs are linked to our birth and have profound effect on our lives, go for as much customization as you wish to make this your unique Tattoo today without delay.

Tribal Tattoos

The oldest tattoo style, from ancient times. Nearly always black in colour, often using symmetry and geometrical design.

Color Tattoos

Add a dash of color to your Tattoo and make it look even better. Colored Tattoos are not just famous among the teens. It is liked and desired by the people of all age groups.

Best Tattoo Artist

Inkheart tattoo studio is the premier custom Tattoo Studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is owned and run by professional tattooists. Tattoo Mafia provided the highest quality of tattoo in Jaipur. We are also a bunch of well experienced and creative tattoo artists in Jaipur who have worked at many places like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and we are working towards exceeding international standards of tattooing in term of work and hygiene in India. The price of tattoos depends on the size usually but the cost of tattoos also depends on the artist doing it so it’s better to contact us to discuss your tattoo. Tattoo mafia is a leading tattoo studio in Jaipur with highly Experienced and professional staff.
Tattoo Mafia caters to a wide clientele and offers exquisite tattoo service adhering to the highest standards in safety that have always been hallmarked of its operations. Over the year, the studio has trained several tattoo artists who are now running their own studio.
I have always believed that art is not what you see but what you make others see….! Best Tatto Studio In Jaipur
We know the art of intricate inking and proudly showcase several designs and styles. Traverse through a large collection of arty black and grey and colorful tattoos that just look so fascinating and irresistible. At Tattoo Mafia which is the best tattoo shop in Jaipur, the art of detailed inking is practiced in the most uncomplicated and painless manner, turning your tattoo journey into a delightful one. for more details contact us


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