Can we earn from ads? How we can earn from ads and what is ads or advertisement??

 Can we earn from ads? How we can earn from ads and what is ads or advertisement??

Yes we can earn from ads and there are different method from where we can generate income from ads.Ads like Google adds and how we can earn from Google ads so here is a simple method by starting blogging and vlogging we can earn from ads.Further we discuss about adds and advertisement

What is advertising

The word  advertising has original from latin word adver which means to turn the mind towards the dictionary meaning of the term is to give public notice or to announce publicly.Advertising has variously defind by various aspects

Advertising is mass communication of information intended to persuade buyers so as to maximize profits

Features of Advertising

On the basis of the above definitions, we can say that advertisement is a

medium of impersonal sales efforts. It is the art of influencing human action to buy

or possess one's product. It is a technique of popularising one's product or service,

It is also described as salesmanship in print. In simple words, advertising is a mass

communication of information intended to persuade buyers to buy products with

a view to maximise profits.

Following features of advertising may be highlighted from the analysis

of above given definitions :

1. Paid Form of Communication. Advertising is a paid form of

communication. Advertisements appear in newspaper, magazines,

television, radio, cinema screens etc., the advertisor purchases space or

time to communicate with the prospective customers. Every type of

advertisement is paid by the sponsoror.

2. Non-personal Presentation of Message. The advertiser does not come

face to face with the customer. The advertisement is read, seen or

listened by the customers from the presenting media and that is why

it is called non-personal presentation. It is a non-personal form of

presenting products and promoting ideas and is complementary to

personal selling. It helps the salesforce by creating awareness about

products in the minds of potential customers.

3. Promotion of Product. The purpose of advertising is to promote the

product and service. It is directed to increase the sales of product and

service of the firm.

4. Sponsored by Identified Person. Advertisements are sponsored by

identified persons. It should disclose or identify the sources of opinions

and ideas it presents.

Objectives and Functions of Advertising

- Advertising has become an essential activity of marketing. It is pursued

with a definite objective of promoting the firm and its products and also

1. Promotion of Sales. Advertising is undertaken to create demand for

new and existing products and services. It informs people about the

new products and pursuading them to go for particular products. An

undertakes certain functions.

effective advertising will help in attracting more and more customers

2. Educate Public About Product. Advertisements not only promote

products but they also educate public about their proper use. Products

may sometimes be put to some alternative uses or some additional uses,

this is brought to the notice of public and it may fetch more customers

3. Introduction of New Product. Whenever a new product is introduced

in the market

, it must be brought to the notice of the public through

advertisements. A new product cannot make an impact in the minds of

the customers without the help of advertising. Advertisements are helpful

for quick publicity of products.

4. Overcome Competition. Every product is facing not only national but also

international competition. In order to survive in competition, the good

features of the product should be brought to the notice of the public

through advertisements. So advertisements will help in overcoming

competion from other products.

5. Mass Production. Large scale production will be possible only if there is

a market for the products. Product market can be possible if the product

is widely advertised. Mass production will help in reducing production

through economies in various expenses. So advertising is required if

proudction is to be increased.

6. Research and Development. Advertising stimulates research and

development activities. In the prevailing competitive environment every

producer has to differentiate its products from alternative/substitute

products available in the market. This will be possible only if regular

research is undertaken on the product and attracting more customers for the same

Advertisement can do these things

Introduce a new product.

Increase prospects.

Create demand.

Stimulate the trade

Test its various types of appeals.

Help make a product competitive in the market.

Open door to salesmen.

Reach mass markets at pennies per prospect.

Establish and maintain prestige of company or product or both.

Speed product acceptance.

Give information.

Develop inquiries.

Help open new markets.

Advertisement cannot do these things

Sell a bad product-twice.

Sell an overpriced or otherwise non-competitive product.

Sell a poorly distributed product.

Sell a seasonal product out of season.

Sell products to persons having no use for them.

Work overnight

Do the selling job alone.

Types of Advertising

Broadly speaking, advertising can be classified under two categories, viz.,

product advertising and institutional advertising. Although, it is also classified on advertising, trade advertising and non-profit advertising, and also on the basis of the basis of audience to which it is directed, viz., consumer advertising, industrial timing of the response it elicits, viz., direct action advertising and indirect advertising.

1. Product Advertising. The main objective of product advertising is to

promote the sale or reputation of a particular product, brand or service

It is used by manufacturers, businessmen, government organisations

and private non-bsuiness organisations to promote the uses, features,

benefits and images of their products and services. Product advertising

may be further sub-divided into direct action and indirect action

advertising. Direct action advertising aims to seek a quick response or

action to the advertisement. Indirect action advertising does not aim

to bring about an immediate behaviour response rather it attempts to

create favourable attitude towards the advertiser and his products or

services over a long period of time.

2.Institutional Advertising. Institutional advertising aims at building for a

firm a positive public image or goodwill, rather than to promote sales of

a product or service. Its purpose is to create favourable feelings towards

the firm and make friends for the institution or organisation as a whole.

Institutional advertising may be informative, persuasive or remainder

oriented in character. It may be further classified as patronage, public

relations and public service institutional advertising